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I wonder whether there is another sport where the equipment used has remained so largely unchanged for so many years as it has in boxing. A modern set of golf clubs for instance when compared with a set used by say Jack Nichlaus in his glory days are very different. The head on some modern golf drivers are the size of a small family car, the shaft on some putters are as tall as me (not that notable actually given my towering stature of 5’6″).

Look at modern racing cars compared to the death-traps of yesteryear. In the ‘olden days’ driver never wore seatbelts. This I think was based upon the logic that is was preferable to be thrown clear of a crash rather than be trapped in a burning car. Neither option feels particularly appealing to me it has to be said. In a modern Formula 1 car the driver’s cockpit can withstand terrible impacts and the seatbelt no doubt is worth more than my house.

The list goes on. Track and field, cycling, soccer etc etc. But in the modern boxing gym, it is fair to say that the boxing equipment in use has remained largely unchanged for decades. Remember that I’m talking about the equipment used in sport here, not about the science behind modern sport, which has become an industry in itself.

Nutritionists, conditioning coaches, psychologists, coaches for this, coaches for that have all had a massive impact on the sporting world and boxing has been party to this as much as any other sport. We see the use of resistance bands being used in boxing (as in other sports) and even the art of boxing now appears to have a need for specialist coaches. I noticed that a recent heavyweight challenger employed the services of a Punching Coach during his preparations.

In the gym though, our punch bags are still generally filled with tightly compacted rags because this provides just the right amount of resistance and weight. The leather skipping rope is fundamentally the same design as that wielded by giants of the past like skipping wizards Sugar Ray Robinson and Sandy Saddler. Maize bags are filled with, well, maize.

In fact, probably the most noteworthy change in the world of boxing has been the advent of the ‘thumbless glove’ some 25 years ago (aside from ‘Boxing Bob’ who we investigate when we are looking at hitting equipment). In short, the boxing equipment that we use has been so effective over the years that there has been no need for change. If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it!

So what will we be covering in the boxing equipment category?

I want to provide some views on the ‘how’ and ‘why’ of the piece of boxing equipment. Note though that the ‘Activities’ category will include any examples of boxing equipment being used, such as heavy bags, pads and so on. This is because I view the use of the boxing equipment as part of skills and fitness development as opposed to a review of the characteristics of the piece of equipment itself.

Where appropriate carry out reviews on particular items of equipment, providing an honest and impartial assessment.

All of this information is designed to aid you in making a proper, informed decision when looking to purchase an item of or indeed a range of boxing equipment.

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