Double Left Hook – The Double Tap!

by Fran on March 11, 2011

Double Left Hooks and Body Movement – Let’s Work Together

In our most recent mid-range boxing combinations article, we looked at doubling up the left hand (namely the mid range left uppercut and left hook.)  In this article, I want to examine how to double the mid range left hook, but with the added spice of a body movement to really give you some ‘Bang for your buck’ on the second shot.

Here’s the combination (assuming that you are already at mid-range here):

  1. Mid range left hook
  2. Inside roll (otherwise known as ‘bob and weave’)
  3. Mid range left hook.

It’s the inside roll that’s really noteworthy here.  The roll provides not only defensive cover, but more than this it provides lots of additional leverage to really deliver that second left hook with the venom that you want to.  The double left hook is a combination that is all about power, so anything that you can do to increase the power potential has to be a good thing.  The inside roll fits the bill perfectly!



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