Manny Pacquiao – Wanna Know Some More?

by Fran on March 7, 2011

Pac Man – The Ring and Beyond!

You know how at the start of the boxing style analysis on Manny Pacquiao I said that I was not going to undertake any kind of detailed research on the Pac that exists beyond the ring?  Well, there is a very good reason for this, and I found an article which I think perfectly demonstrates this reason.  Thomas Hauser, the leviathon of boxing writing, put together what I consider to be a really neat article about Pacquiao and his relationships and influences.

The article was produced in November 2010 and covers Pac’s outing against Antonio Margarito.  Some great insights from Freddie Roach as well as some interesting diversions around Pacquiao’s attitude and his enjoyment of the trappings of success.  When someone of the undoubted literary skill of Hauser is on the case, why on earth would I bother to attempt to last the distance?  I’ll stick to detailed, technical style analyses and I’ll be glad to follow in the wake of the Thomas Hausers of this world admiring how they provide the bigger picture!

I hope you enjoy the article:



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