Pro Boxing Gloves – True KO Potential!

by Fran on August 19, 2010

Pro boxing gloves are available in 8oz or 10oz, with the later being far more prevalent in modern boxing.  The key design characteristic of pro boxing gloves is that the weight/padding tends to be more evenly distributed around the glove and the wrist section of the glove tends to be longer.  This results in a thinner glove at the knuckle section.  The main result of this design is that the potential for a knock out during a pro fight is greater than it is during an amateur boxing match.

As described in the article about sparring gloves, no good coach would ever allow unsuitable gloves to be used for sparring, and pro boxing gloves are within this category of ‘unsuitable’.  The potential for injury if pro boxing gloves are used for sparring is just too great.  Further to this, if you are a pro boxer then you’ll know that the gloves are supplied for your fights by the promoter.  This all means that if you pay for gloves marketed as pro boxing gloves, you are in effect buying boxing gloves that you will use only on punching equipment.

If you are intent on buying pro boxing gloves for use on the heavy bag for instance, then they are a good choice (if you can afford it) as they give a great ‘feel’ whilst hitting the punch bag and provide a high level of hand and wrist protection.

On a final note, when buying pro boxing gloves, avoid laces if you are working at home or without the assistance of a coach.  Go with Velcro wristband fasteners as tying laces with only your teeth is pretty much an impossible task!

OK, some selected products that in which you might be interested:

I hope this has helped, be sure to leave a comment.  Click here or more top advice on boxing fitness and boxing skills, or go here to find out about all the boxing gloves available.

Something else, the links on this page are affiliate links. This means that if you click on the link and subsequently make a purchase, then I get paid a small commission, you need to be aware of this. Also, the links on this page represent what I would buy if I were buying. I have not tried the specific piece of equipment and as such cannot directly recommend it. However, if I were buying, these are the selections that I would make.

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cbuckle110861 November 15, 2012 at 11:50 am

Any advice on shoes Fran? I’ve been boxing since February, only done some sparring so far but enjoying it. I’m wearing a pair of old Nike cross trainers and I find myself bouncing around a bit. A fella in the gym tells me to get some proper boxing shoes but I don’t know what to look for. Would appreciate some advice if you get a moment .



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