Sparring Boxing Gloves – Be Very Careful!

by Fran on August 19, 2010

At 16oz+, sparring boxing gloves are always heavier than other types of boxing gloves and therefore offer more padding and protection.  However, be careful when you are buying sparring gloves with the intention of sparring.  Boxers, even at novice level, tend to spar very often based upon the logic that the more you do something the better you get at it! They may actually spar 15 to 18 rounds per week.  Top professional boxers when preparing for a fight may spar up to 200 x 3 minute rounds of sparring. Therefore it’s in the interest of all involved that the coach be very particular about the sparring gloves in use.

It is ALWAYS at the coach’s discretion whether you are able to wear a pair of gloves that you have bought for sparring.  The fact that your gloves are marketed as sparring gloves, or that they are 16oz in weight, doesn’t mean that the coach will allow you to use them for sparring.  The coach has the safety of the boxers at the centre of their mind, and if that coach feels that your gloves do not provide enough padding at the knuckle area of the glove, then you will not use them for sparring, period!  This can be an expensive, and embarrassing, mistake to make.  If you are joining a boxing gym or boxing club, then the likelihood is that they will supply the sparring gloves; this is a safe assumption to make.

In terms wearing sparring gloves when using punching equipment such as the heavy bag, they can be expensive but do provide additional padding and excellent wrist support (although this support can equally be achieved with effective bandaging).  Using this type of glove on the heavy bag can be out of necessity, such as when recovering from a hand injury and seeking to reduce the shock from impact, or a simple matter of mood; sometimes a change is as good as a rest!

OK, some selected products that in which you might be interested:

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