The One Two…Be a Ring General!

by Fran on June 29, 2010

About the One Two Combination

This simple combination is a variation of “the old one two” and is very effective when controlling the centre of the ring and keeping the opponent at long range.  We’ll assume that the opponent has come toward us.  If we were attacking the opponent then this combination would be preceded by a short, explosive move forward from the edge of range to long range.  We will combine 3 skill elements in order to build a simple but effective counter punch combination.

The Combination:

OK, the 3 skill elements that we combine into a 3 stage action are:

  1. The Jab.
  2. The Lay Back.
  3. The Right Cross.

The first jab we want to land, but also to draw a response from the opponent.  The purpose of the lay back is twofold; firstly, we can avoid the shot thrown back by the opponent and secondly the lay back provides extra leverage for the right cross, allowing it to build up from a big shot to a massive shot!

Remember, throwing straight shots requires less energy than throwing hooks and uppercuts.   This means that this combination is one that can be used regularly, particularly when you are tired!  Oh, and I nearly forgot…you need to build the speed up with this one.  If the period of time between the jab and right cross is too long, then any opening generated will be closed and an opportunity will be missed!  Do you think that it might be worth reviewing the article on how to improve punch speed?

Check out the article on boxing combinations to get more of an understanding of the technical theory behind building effective combinations.  In the meantime, leave a question or comment below.



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DAVE I January 8, 2011 at 12:11 pm

Combo and the comments following it I found really helpful.I do a similar combination on the pads with my current coach jab,cross layback cross.The combo in the article I think I have probably used when sparing with my ex-coach when we were working on coutering +counter punching the counter-well definitely worth me working on.The comments section was really relevant to me because Im about 5 foot 9 and roughly 12 stone so in my proposed white collar fights Im due to fight people who Im going to concede reach advantage too.Im unsure as to whether to develop an infighting style or maybe do plenty of running to lose weight.-cheers Fran




Fran January 9, 2011 at 7:04 pm


I’m sure you;ll do fine in your upcoming contest. In terms of your weight, well you should always aim to fight at as light a weight as is possible…within reason. Do lots of running whatever your strategy, running is an absolute must and your technique will be maintained for longer throughout the fight because of a good running regime. Finally, it’s important to understand the importance of feinting when fighting those tall types, check out this article on feinting in boxing. Against taller opponents, your long range work is just as important as against shorter guys.

Cheers Dave


jase October 20, 2010 at 8:55 am

Cheers Fran will definitely start drilling that in my shadowboxing


Jase October 18, 2010 at 4:22 pm

I have not been to the Gym for a while now but looking to go back soon.The problem I always had was that I was the smallest there with the shortest reach. My worry with the layback is that i would still be in range for there shots and be tagged. if I replaced the layback with a duck then used the tension in the quads like a spring to drive the right cross do you think this would work or am I getting confused with the mechanics?


Fran October 18, 2010 at 9:47 pm

Hey Jase

The duck could work mate. Something else if you’re giving height/reach away, do the jab and the lay back, but instead of an immediate right hand you could combine a jab/push forward then a right hand. So, what you have is a jab, layback, one-two with a push forward. The move forward takes out the reach advantage and it needs to be combined with the jab because moving forward with a right hand doesn’t really work. Us shorties also need to really understand feinting (there is a short video on feinting in boxing that may help.)

Cheers Jase, take it easy


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