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I think that we would all agree that boxing is a very tough sport, probably the toughest. On the ‘Boxing Fitness’ page I talked about ‘fitness’ meaning ‘fitness for purpose’. So, a marathon runner is super fit, but they are going to come up short on fitness for boxing, just like your average boxer would struggle on a 26 mile run.

In order for a boxer to be ‘fit for purpose’, they need a training regime that is structured and varied, looking to build a base of aerobic fitness on top of which we can construct a high level of anaerobic fitness. Some figures that I have read suggest that any combat sport requires a 30% to 70% aerobic to anaerobic fitness level. Undoubtedly anaerobic fitness is the key to achieving boxing fitness, but I also consider that an all-round level of fitness is just as important.

Putting the aerobic/anaerobic discussion to one side for the moment, I like to take a more simple approach to describing boxing fitness, although I’m fairly sure that this can be applied to any range of sports. The activities undertaken when seeking to attain a high-level of boxing fitness should be focused on 5 areas (called the 5 S’s):

  • Speed

  • Skill

  • Strength

  • Stamina

  • Suppleness

There is much that we can do within our boxing fitness training regime to hit the “5 S’s”, and this activities category will include articles designed to inform you of the key areas that we work on. From running to shadow boxing, from sparring to strength training, from the heavy bag to static stretching, I will aim to provide useful information that you can actually use in order to progress either your existing level of boxing fitness or indeed to develop your boxing fitness from scratch.

Remember that the boxing skills videos are part and parcel of boxing fitness. For boxing fitness to be achieved punches must be thrown correctly, the boxing stance must be maintained and the host of other boxing skills must be performed. Without developing the technical discipline and drive to continually improve your boxing style, then the benefits of the activities to achieve boxing fitness will not be reaped.

To get you going on the activities that we can cover to attain boxing fitness, here are some selected links that I think are a good place to start:

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Boxing Training for Fitness – Making it Work

Old Man Does Some Heavy Bag Punching!

Boxing Gyms – 3 Golden Rules To Survive Them!

To peruse the entire set at your convenience then click on the link below to be presented with the whole range of activity-based articles:

Boxing Fitness Activities – All Articles

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Jeff Jeffereys July 16, 2017 at 10:34 pm

I hope this guys isnt black


Marius February 17, 2015 at 12:11 am

Hi Fran

First I would like to say I admire what you do here. You inspire alot of people to really get involved with boxing. Thats great! 🙂
I have been practicing with my mates for about a year. Having alot of fun, still just training techniqes and such.
Anyway.. about 6 months ago my calves got really bad after a long run i did. Its still bad today, I can barly jump rope 2 min before I get a bad feeling. Running or joging is also out of the question.
If i take it easy I dont feel anything, but as soon as I start running or jumping rope this irritating pain is coming back within one day.
Im really sick of this!
Please if you have any experience with this or know a way I can fix this it would be much appreciated!



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