Boxing How To Guides – Body Punches

Effective body punching turns the tide of fights.  There is no doubt about this.  It’s true that some fighters have massive, almost unnatural resistance to head punches.  These same fighters cannot have the same resistance to accurate, well-timed body punches.  A single body punch can bring about an instant end or a lingering one.  Both however will result in the most agonizing and distressing experiences that a boxer is likely to experience inside a boxing ring.  Head shots don’t do that.

You are aware of the impact of a head shot instantly.  If you stay on your feet then your problems are over.  A body shot on the other hand will not register for a second or two after impact.  However, when it does register it does so in waves of grievous suffering that are all but impossible to ignore.

The Boxing How To video guides that await you here are going to give you an expert view of the types of body punches that will give you massive stopping power.  Of course mounting damaging attacks to the body of an opponent is about more than just punching, but understanding the technique of how to land precise and hurtful body punches is the ultimate base on which to become a fearsome ‘body snatcher’.

Boxing How to Guides on Body Punching

Straight Shots:

Boxing How to Guide – Straight Shots to the Body

Hook Shots:

Boxing How To Guide – Left Hook to the Body

Boxing How To Guide – Right Hook to the Body

Uppercut Shots:

Boxing How To Guide – Left Uppercut to the Body

Boxing How To Guide – Right Uppercut to the Body

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