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Master footwork, execute deadly combination punching and become a defensive genius, being as elusive as you are dangerous.  Get a super-fit, ultra-toned physique and get under the skin of boxing and bring the wonderful simplicity of this sport into your life. Whether for combat, self-defence or fitness you can achieve amazing results.
No longer will you wonder how the great fighters perform, from Wladimir Klitschko to Floyd Mayweather.  From Mike Tyson to Sugar Ray Leonard.  From Marvin Hagler to Manny Pacquiao.  Understand boxing from the basics up and you can achieve anything.

About Me

My name is Fran Sands and I am the founder of Boxing has been a massive part of my life since I was 6 years old when my Dad took my brother and me to the local amateur boxing club. I had my first contest at the age of 11 and went on to compete for a further 10 years, taking part in 60 contests.
As well as being a regional champion on numerous occasions, I reached national finals and semi finals all of which culminated in my representing my country at Under-19 level.  During my time as a boxer I met the best in Europe with 3 of my opponents at amateur level going on to win world titles in the professional ring.
Having ‘hung up my gloves’ and after a break from the sport for a couple of years, I returned as a coach at the same gym at which I had boxed.  This was in 1997 and since then I have worked with hundreds of boxers, from raw recruits up through to international standard amateurs, providing advice and guidance both in the gym and on fight night in the corner.  A number of boxers that I have worked with have progressed into the professional ranks and I like to think that I have given them a strong base upon which to build their road to boxing success.

Why I Created

In 2009 I had spent some time searching the Internet for boxing resources.  As a coach I am always looking for improvements that I can make.  As the great trainer Eddie Futch once said “When we stop learning, then we die.”
Whilst I have managed to find some great information from some experienced boxing people, it took a lot of searching to find it. My overall impression of the standard of boxing coaching advice and guidance available on-line was that it was not very good.  In fact, I found much of it questionable at best, reckless at worst
You see I take my coach’s responsibility very seriously.  Boxing is not like other sports.  If I give out the wrong advice then a boxer that I work with, a boxer who trusts in me, could get hurt.  Good and experienced coaches are very aware of this and so we carefully consider the implications of our advice.
Some of the coaching advice available on the Internet, espoused by self-proclaimed ‘experts’, would cause me grave concerns if used by any of my boxers.  The method by which advice is delivered is irrelevant, either face-to-face or by video and the written word, it is the responsibility of giving sound coaching advice that is of paramount importance. This is a principle that I could never compromise.

There is a better way…

In 2010 I founded  My aim was simple:

“To create a single place where interested people could gain full access to expert boxing coaching, using video presentations as the main communication method.  This would make the skills of boxing available to all”

When teaching someone how to box, a good coach will break the sport down into the individual skills and techniques that form the boxer’s style.  In order to achieve this aim, exactly as I would do face-to-face basis in the boxing gym, I have isolated each individual skill and demonstrated this in a video and associated article. The method of describing the skills is consistent across all of the videos.  This method is straightforward:

  • Explain what the skill is and why it is useful
  • Give a clear and precise demonstration of the mechanics of the skill
  • Explain the common faults that I encounter when boxers learn this skill.

This approach has resulted in the production and publication of more than 40 skills videos.  All of these videos are FREE and available on the site.  They are the building blocks of boxing, the pieces of a jigsaw if you like, all waiting to be put together to form a versatile and effective boxing style.
Alongside the video skills articles, I have produced a wealth of other material all of which have become a key part of the site experience.  From straightforward and clear advice on equipment, training routines and fight analysis articles to articles on boxing psychology, nutrition and advice for coaches.  I guess quality matters, so much so that the MyBoxingCoach videos receive over 70000 views per week on YouTube.

Don’t just take my word on it…

Positive feedback has been a constant for me since Day 1 of the site.  Here are just a few of them:

“Fran, love your site — I have scoured the internet for boxing skills training and your site is the most comprehensive and technical out there. Thank you so much for sharing your expertise.’


“Outstanding tutorials! I’ve been studying boxing and kickboxing for 2 years, and I’ve supplemented my training with youtube videos. These tutorials and techniques are by far the best I’ve found. Thank you for taking the time to share your knowledge.’


“Just wanted to say your website is awesome, I have learned so much reading your articles and watching the demonstrations. I have bought the series from John Brown and some from Freddie Roach and I find yours a lot better than both of them.”
Fredog, St. Louis, Missouri


“Hi Fran, I just wanted to say thanks for all the info in this site. It is really helpful and educational. As a novice boxer these video’s and articles have been an amazing resource for me and helped me fix/improve a lot of my techniques.”


“I really appreciate the depth of knowledge you provide, especially based upon example. I have studied Japanese Martial Arts(Isshin-Ryu, and Shorin-Ryu Karate) for a number of years. I used to watch boxing when I was in the military and was always fascinated by the techniques used during a contest. Your site definitely gives me a solid foundation to start my boxing training. Thank you for your time and effort.”


“Fran, Absolutely fantastic site. I’m 47 yoa. I started boxing training about 5 years ago, unfortunately, I had to stop after about a year due to moving out of the area and work duties. I started up again about a month ago, but don’t have a trainer anymore so have to go on memory. I found my execution of punches had deterioated badly, as my right wrist started to hurt. I slowed down and realized i was not hitting correctly anymore. I researched numerous sites, books, and DVD’s; and have to say your site is extremely comprehensive, informative, and very well written. Again, thanks for your time and dedication to the sport.”


“My gosh, you run an incredibly effective operation. I’ve studied combat arts in various forms since I was 6 in 1994, and pound for pound, I’ve gained as much insight from your videos and articles as I have from any other source, in two weeks, for FREE. And oh my god it is refreshing to see such a clean, direct website interface on a page dedicated to combat arts. Free at last from maddeningly machismo color schemes and inappropriate pictures of psychotically vascular half naked young men. The whitewash of the website design is reflective of the pedagogy of the articles and the techniques demonstrated: streamlined, fundamental, and keen on technical optimization. I intend to at least do my part to spread the good word!”
TJ, Philadelphia, USA


“Fran, your website is amazing! The technical analysis of southpaw vs orthodox is one of the best I’ve ever seen, and the combinations you’ve listed work very well for me (even under MMA and K-1 rules). Your explanations are outstanding when it comes to illuminating key points of the techniques.”

The MyBoxingCoach website has become a boxing resource on the Web that boxing people are happy to recommend.  This was proven to me when one of my former amateur boxers turned professional and in his first fight paid the ultimate tribute to the site.  He wore the site motif on his shorts and did this at his own initiative.  This was a wonderful gesture, one which I understand the significance of not only as a tribute but as a confirmation that the site is of the right quality
I continue to be flattered and humbled by the comments, but I knew that I needed to do more.  Having provided the ‘jigsaw pieces’, I needed to now provide the real key to the kingdom; a logical and structured way that you could assemble all of those individual pieces into a boxing style and level of fitness of which you would be proud.
There existed a need to bring together all of the pieces of the jigsaw in order to form a complete boxing coaching experience.  So, in 2011 after 12 months of planning and development I created The Boxing Training Foundation, the most effective, interactive boxing coaching experience anywhere on the Internet.

The Boxing Training Foundation



Why I Created The Boxing Training Foundation


I created the Boxing Training Foundation with 6 objectives in mind:

  • I wanted to provide a set of resources that would make the benefits of boxing training fully accessible to all, whatever their level of knowledge or experience of the sport.


  • I wanted to create a true coaching experience. A training regime that was practical, realistic and packed with benefits that could be gained quickly and more importantly be enhanced over months and years.


  • Continuing the MyBoxingCoach philosophy, I wanted to deliver detailed, consistent and specific coaching advice on what I believe to be the key areas of boxing fitness and boxing skills required to successfully establish the ideal basics.  95% of what the champions do are the basics, they just do them very well.


  • I wanted to ensure that within a couple of hours you would be self-sufficient in defining your future in terms of boxing skills and boxing fitness. By this I mean that you will have a framework that you can adapt, depending upon your needs, circumstances and even mood.


  • I wanted to provide unique boxing learning and fitness resources that were head and shoulders above anything else available out there, and would provide you with jaw-dropping value for money.


  • I wanted to provide an interesting alternative to the modern, chrome-laden, fake-tan swamped, sterile gymnasiums that offer tread mills, rowing machines, exercise bikes and weight machines. In my opinion, improving your physical fitness by learning a technical discipline is much more likely to culminate in a true ‘change of lifestyle’. There is a reason why so many gym memberships lay dormant whilst the monthly fee continues to be taken.


No BS, No Exaggerated Claims

Having covered my objectives in creating the Boxing Training Foundation, I also feel it important to explain one crucial guiding principle that I maintain.  I mentioned earlier the responsibility of providing coaching advice in a sport like boxing.  Well keeping this in mind I absolutely refuse to make exaggerated claims, claims like the following:

  • “Learn boxing in just 10 days.”
  • “My 4-week Programme can turn you into Floyd Mayweather Jr.”
  • “Become a boxer in 10 easy steps.”

I have more respect for basic human intelligence than to claim any of the above as a possibility.  Anyone who says that a single product will tell you all you need to know about boxing is, quite simply, talking garbage.  You know it, and I know it.  If I try to cover too much then I will succeed only in diluting the quality of what I produce.  This I cannot tolerate and you deserve better.

What can The Foundation do for you?

Before I get into some detail about what you can achieve with the Boxing Training Foundation, why not take the time to read what some of those who have taken the step already:

“To any potential readers/buyers, MyBoxingCoach is the best website for learning the basics of boxing that I have found on the Internet. It has no macho character showing off their muscles rather than teaching. It has no ridiculously difficult moves when a beginner should be instilling the basics in their bodies. It is a well-thought-out, clear and intelligent system.

Here is the core secret about learning boxing – there is no universal method to teaching the sport. Modern boxing arose from a Celtic-Anglo/Saxon background, but has now been adopted by everyone from the Latin American fighters to the Philippines to Africa to the great former-Soviet sporting empires. Every culture and country has put its own style on boxing, consequently, unlike the Asian martial arts, no one has broken down the sport to teach it in a systematic way. No one, that is, until now. Fran Sands has produced the ‘Suzuki method’ of teaching boxing. He shows the very basics of the sport – movement, jabs, crosses, hooks, blocks, parries, pivots, etc – in simple, clear lessons. Then he has developed a series of movement drills, roughly equivalent to the katas of Karate, that a beginner can learn by themselves, but are invaluable in learning the basics of boxing.

Do you need anyone or anything aside from Fran Sands’ boxing course? Of course. A good coach is invaluable, but if that is unavailable to you or you need additional coaching, I can think of no better course than My story. I do not know Fran Sands. We have never met nor even corresponded. I am a Canadian author and journalist specializing in organized crime and football ( A few months ago I was asked to take part in a ‘white-collar’ bout to raise money for a cancer charity. I had worked out at a very good boxing gym for a number of years, even sparring on occasion. But the event was a quantum leap in intensity. (Imagine the difference between playing football in the park with pals and suddenly playing for a regional select team.) Adding to the pressure, two of the other boxers in the event were well-known politicians and many of my media colleagues were attending the fight (it ended up being broadcast nationally live on television, which is a lot of stress for a first fight). I had six-weeks to train (for administrative reasons, the other fighters had had four to five months). I needed to raise my game. So I did two things: I went to Cuba and I signed up for the Boxing Training Foundation. In Cuba, I put myself through an intense daily training camp – cardio in the morning, breakfast, 2-hours of sparring with a Cuban national champion in Chinese boxing, lunch, siesta, 1.5 hours of ‘boxing school homework’, weights, dinner and bed. In between practice sessions, I watched and read everything that was on Fran Sands’ site. In the hotel, myself and the Cuban waiters and kitchen staff would sit around watching Fran’s instructions and drills.

In the end, thanks to my Canadian coaches, the Cubans and Fran Sands’s and the Boxing Training Foundation, I managed a narrow win. However, I feel a great debt to Fran and so I heartily recommend his site to anyone starting out in the sport.”
Declan Hill, Canada


“Hi Fran Just to give you an update. I took my first boxing class last night and BVI now has it’s own official boxing club (that I set up). The class was inspired and based upon the Boxing Foundation. Thank you so much!! I had 18 people attend and I did a decent warm up, conditioning and then I taught them stance, jabs, crosses and hooks. Once again, thank you for giving us this opportunity! I will be singing your praises to whoever I can and will be promoting your online course.”
James Carr, British Virgin Islands

The positive feedback on the Boxing Training Foundation continues to amaze me.  It confirms to me that my efforts have been worth it, that I have produced something that can genuinely change lives just as the sport does for thousands of people around the world.

Imagine the possibilities…


  • Expert boxing coaching
    Amaze yourself with your accelerated progress to fighting perfection. Precise, clear and highly effective coaching that will allow you to build powerful combinations of punches along with defensive skills that will leave opponents punching fresh air. You can become the fighter that you deserve to be by developing your skills the MyBoxingCoach way!


  • Build power and endurance
    With a high intensity workout lasting under an hour, watch excess weight fall away to reveal the ultimate fighting physique. Marvel at your new found staying power and dynamite increase in your power-to-weight ratio.


  • Tried and tested methods
    Use techniques that I’ve applied successfully to develop top performing fighters. Real world boxing skills that will take you to the next level, all achieved within a varied and authentic training session.


  • Coach yourself and others
    Quickly identify and fix problems with your boxing style and even get to the point of coaching others. Learn to analyze your style and really develop a coach’s eye.


  • Get to a good place!
    Build the self-assurance and self-confidence that is shown by all top performers. Feel good, look good and perform great.


“I am extremely grateful to have found this site because, in my opinion, and the BTF is the absolute best thing going, for practical and professional instruction in a very clear and easy to understand format. It truly is an incredible bargain and I’d like to thank Fran and wish him as much success as possible, because his Boxing Training Foundation will definitely help create successful fighters and I plan to be one of them!”
Paul, Toronto


The skills that you see being used in this video are explained in easy steps within the Foundation:


What’s in it for YOU?


  • Build a smooth fighting style
    Learn the secrets of building a slick, precise and highly effective boxing style. You will be able to seamlessly combine a range of skills in a structured and easy-to-learn way. With this expert boxing coaching you will astound yourself with your accelerated progress.


  • Develop blinding combinations and super-slick footwork
    Establish a rich and varied training session and quickly develop a dazzling array of punches combined with footwork brilliance and the endurance to maintain that for as long as it takes.


  • Give yourself a fighter’s physique
    Watch any excess weight fall away to reveal a honed, powerful, athletic body capable of delivering the big shots and turning heads at the same time.


  • Learn to hit and not be hit!
    Experience the amazing feeling of knowing that you can deliver powerful and accurate combinations of punches and avoiding incoming punches with ease.


  • Undertake a training session that lasts under an hour
    This is the ultimate in manageable and workable skills and fitness development regimes, easily fitting into a busy lifestyle and very sustainable in the longer term.


  • Watch your punching power go through the roof!
    Experience a massive power-to-weight ratio increase over the space of a few short weeks. Before you know it, you’ll be punching well above your weight.


  • Create your own gym at home
    Get what you need to put together a practical training space in your own home. It’s cheap and you really don’t need a lot of space; this can be your very own gym where you can achieve great things.


  • Learn to be your own coach
    Amass the knowledge and keen eye to become a coach, able to identify areas of improvement in your own style or others and able to put in place the necessary corrective measures.


  • Get access, right here, right now
    Get instant access to your Boxing Training Foundation from anywhere that you can get an internet link, or alternatively download what you need to your home computer, all filmed in HD with superior sound quality.


  • Become a member of an exclusive club
    Become a lifetime member of an exclusive club, gaining access to further learning opportunities, follow up videos and having a place to go to ask any questions or get some support.

  • 60 day money back guarantee
    Get the Boxing Training Foundation with the assurance of a 100% money-back guarantee. If you are not happy I’ll give you your money back, no questions asked. A no-risk purchase in every sense.

  • Plus loads more…


“I must admit you can get lost amongst the today’s boxing resources that are available via the Internet. I have been involved in boxing in some shape or form for 20 plus years and I have to say Fran Sands is the man when it comes to breaking down the sweet science. His tutorials are put together in layman’s terms. I know we have advice from the great coaches like Freddy Roach able to view online, and also fantastic Naazim Richardson. But we also have Fran Sands who in my eyes is up there with the great trainers of our lovely sport. KEEP UP GREAT WORK FRAN!”


What’s in The Foundation?

Great“, I hear you say, “But how do you intend to do all of that?” Well, I can promise that it has not been easy coming up with the answer to that question. However, I’ve left nothing to chance in understanding how YOU can use this resource to the best effect. Keep on reading and I’ll explain exactly what you get in the Boxing Training Foundation.


  • 3 hours and 30 minutes of High-Definition video
    At the core of the Boxing Training Foundation are the instructional videos. This is proper boxing coaching containing clear, precise and no-BS descriptions and demonstrations. There are 6 videos in the set, in MP4 format and total around 6.7GB in size. You can stream the videos or alternatively download them direct to run on your own computer.


  • The Boxing Training Foundation Manual
    The Boxing Training Foundation Manual is a 140-page eBook in PDF format which provides structure, a host of tips and additional depth to the video. A mine of information, the manual also delivers on-line resources at exactly the right point in the learning process giving you the best possible chance of improvement. There are also unique gym aids that will ensure that your boxing style develops without the common faults that curse the boxing learning process.


  • Lifetime Foundation Member status
    Gain entry to exclusive areas of the site where you will access all of the Foundation materials and get additional insights and techniques to further improve your skills and fitness. Join the club alongside experts and novices alike, all contributing and helping each other to get the very best from this wonderful sport.


“I’ve just started boxing (aged 50) mainly for the fitness but hitting the heavy bag is a great stress reliever too, I’m really enjoying it. I’ve done various martial arts before and come across some excellent fitness websites – Matt Furey springs to mind, but your course is the best I’ve ever seen. You could charge literally 10 times for the videos alone. I’ve made real progress since I’ve been doing the basics and I’m really impressed, I would recommend the website to anyone. Well done mate, excellent work.”
Chris, London


Click Here:

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How Does The Foundation Work?


OK, so we have lots of video, a comprehensive eBook and the delivery of on-line resources. But how does the Boxing Training Foundation actually work?



  • Getting you started
    In the first part of the Boxing Training Foundation, I’ll describe the objectives, how it works and the structure and timetable. This allows you to map out your own landscape and gives you absolute control of how you apply the principles of the Boxing Training Foundation.


  • Get the right equipment
    I provide all of the impartial advice you need on equipment that we use and how to use that equipment. This is affordable stuff and can result in a well equipped space for you to work out in your own home. Put together a gym where you can achieve great things!


  • Running, nutrition and more
    I’ll give simple, straightforward advice on running, nutrition and understanding range in boxing. I keep it simple in order for these aspects to support the Boxing Training Foundation. By getting these things right and understanding what works, you will maximize the benefits on offer.


  • The Golden Rules…
    I lay down the ‘golden rules’ to enable effective preparation and follow through with your Boxing Training Foundation. These simple rules, if you stick by them, will ensure that your successes will be guaranteed. Take the fighter’s approach to be the best that you can be!


“Very neat way of channeling your program to the appreciating public. A modern approach to the good old game ( although you do not play boxing as you play soccer and other sporting games, boxing is too serious). Great effort but you have raised the bar for yourself now, you are up in class and we will expect more.”
Ivan, Bulgaria


The 7-Phase Session…


The Boxing Training Foundation session consists of 7 phases that you will complete in under an hour. Each phase is designed to provide the most authentic on-line boxing training session. This is a truly interactive digital coaching experience that will shape your boxing approach for years to come.


  • Phase 1 – The Warm Up
    Phase 1 is the Warm Up. I give a full demonstration of a boxing-specific warm up, a warm up that will prime you for a top performance during your session. We work through various warm up drills that give a full-body session, ensuring that the risk of injuries is minimized and the cardiovascular system and muscles are ready for the challenges of the session.


  • Phase 2 – Skills Development
    This is where we start the process of learning the technical skills, and boy is there lots of insights and methods to enable an accelerated path to learning how to box. We have an extensive range of core skills, foundation drills and mobility drills all of which have a consistent method of delivery. The Foundation Drills are designed to develop your ability to combine punching and movement seamlessly, the most challenging aspect of learning the sport. The drills can also combine so that the variations available as you develop are pretty much endless.


  • Phase 3 – Shadow Boxing
    Onto that most vital of boxing training activities, shadow boxing. I’ll describe how to apply the skills that you have encountered in Phase 2 and use shadow boxing to enhance and sharpen these skills. You’ll get insights here that are simply not available elsewhere. Enjoy moving around effortlessly with slick footwork and subtle body movements, all the time firing salvos of perfect shots. This shadow boxing session will allow you to understand why boxers love to shadow box.


  • Phase 4 – The Heavy Bag
    Phase 4 is when we start really showing off by using the heavy bag. You may notice that I chose the word ‘using’ and not ‘hitting’. There’s a lot more to a heavy bag than just hitting it, and you’ll appreciate this after working through Phase 4. Again, the skills from Phase 2 are re-emphasized and this really does help with the speed and quality of your development. You’ll be working the heavy bag like a pro in no time at all!


  • Phase 5 – Jumping Rope
    Phase 5 is a complete tutorial to enable you to learn to jump rope like a demon in double-quick time. And bear in mind, some estimates are that you can burn as many calories in 10 minutes of jumping rope as you can in a 45 minute run. It’s also an excellent way to improve your upper and lower body co-ordination, vital in boxing. In short, jumping rope is an amazing tool for your boxing fitness bag, and after watching this tutorial you’ll have the whirring of the rope mastered sooner than you think.


  • Phase 6 – Strength Training
    Phase 6 is your introduction to boxing strength training. I’ll demonstrate how to use the boxer’s ‘Ton-Up’, 10 exercises that will build the core strength that will enable a continual increase in your power-to-weight ratio. An added bonus is a toned and powerful physique…that will do no harm I’m sure! The Ton Up is another element of the Boxing Training Foundation that can be adapted in many, many ways, and I’ll describe exactly how!


  • Phase 7 – The Warm Down
    It’s time for the warm down and flexibility work out. I demonstrate a range of boxing-specific stretching exercises that improve your muscle flexibility, range of movement and your resistance to injury. I cannot emphasize enough the importance of flexibility as a fighter. A flexible fighter is much more likely to hit hard, and undertaking a structured flexibility workout will pave the way. It’s a wonderful way to complete our session.


“I went with the Boxing Training Foundation to establish a new workout routine. I felt boxing fitness was far and above the best way to go. I have reviewed numerous books, online instruction, etc., and came to the obvious conclusion yours had no peer. It is people of your calibre that will eventually attract those to the profession so that it takes its rightful place in the sporting world. Keep up the good fight.”
Tommy, UK


You can buy into this truly life-changing boxing experience for as little as the cost of one month’s membership fee for fitness gym. It really is value for money that you simply won’t get anywhere else.


Order Your Foundation Now

The most outstanding on-line interactive boxing coaching experience

60 day money back guarantee – no risk

Instant access

A one time payment, no ongoing subscription

Peace of mind with a simple and secure payment process


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I look forward to hearing from you soon and we can start this journey together. I make no false promises, I make no exaggerated claims. This is quite simply PROPER BOXING COACHING. If you have any questions or would like further information, email me at
and I’ll be happy to help


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