Boxing Combinations – Doubling Up!

by Fran on February 17, 2011

Boxing Combinations – Don’t Just Double the Jab!

A very neat boxing combination here that perfectly demonstrates the effectiveness of a) doubling-up on shots and b) inter-weaving boxing skills and boxing techniques in such a way that each complements the next; this is a hallmark of great boxing combinations.

We’re going to assume that we start at long range and work our way in from there. What I describe here is a mid-range boxing combination, but could be equally effective when deployed at either long range or short range; it’s just a matter of using the long-range and short-range variations of the shots provided.  We’re also ‘doubling-up’ on the same arm, and this always looks good and can be very effective, for reasons I’ll cover at the end of the article.

OK, the combination:

  1. Combine a move forward with an inside slip.
  2. Mid-range left uppercut
  3. Mid-range left hook.

The slip inside provides the necessary leverage to increase the delivery power of the left uppercut (as well as acting as a great defence to any incoming jab.)  The impact of an uppercut landing more often than not causes the opponent’s head to lift high above the guard…you can see where I’m going with this!

The final shot, the mid-range left hook, takes full advantage of that lifted head. Even if the uppercut fails to land cleanly, the opponent will not be expecting a left hook (or any other left hand punch) and therefore the chances of that hook landing are increased significantly.

Doubling-up on on the same or similar types of punches is an incredibly important part of building successful boxing combinations. As well as the opponent not expecting it to happen that much, there is very sound logic to support the view that if the first one lands then there’s no reason why the identical second one shouldn’t also land! As always leave a comment, question or argument below!

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Dave October 18, 2011 at 12:37 pm

Hey, Fran.

I notice you’ve divided your punching aspect of the site into two seperate- head shots and body shots.

Do you think you could add yet another one and collect up all your articles on combinations into one place, for example, Punching – Combinations?

It’d make finding stuff a lot easier.

Much thanks,


El_Finito February 24, 2011 at 5:46 pm

Great Combination.


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