Teddy Atlas on Boxers and Coaches

by Fran on September 20, 2011

A big thank you to friend of the site Karl-Heinz (he of White Collar Boxing Analysis fame) who sent me this link.  It’s a short interview with boxing coach and expert analyst Teddy Atlas and it’s part of a series of videos to promote the boxing documentary ‘Born and Bred’.

I’ve long been a great admirer of Teddy Atlas, from first seeing him in a documentary many years ago when he was coach to a young Mike Tyson at the Junior Olympics.  Subsequent to this first sight I’ve always listened contentedly to his ‘on the money’ analysis of boxing matches at all levels.

In this interview, Teddy gives us his views on the importance of the boxer/coach relationship.  He describes the tumult of emotions that (most) fighters go through in the weeks, days and hours preceding a fight. Atlas encapsulates perfectly how a good boxing coach helps the boxer manage their emotions and develops the boxer on a number of levels; the physical, the psychological and the emotional.

Watch out for Teddy’s perfect definition of the challenges of making the step from the amateurs to the paid ranks.  It’s a great video, well worth 7 minutes of your time to glean some boxing coaching excellence from the great Teddy Atlas.

I know that many of the visitors to the site spend a good deal of time trawling the Web for nuggets of boxing and fitness advice and information. It would be really great to hear from anyone who finds something that they’d like to share with me and others on the site. Go on, follow Karl’s lead and email me at fran@myboxingcoach.com.



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Brent April 1, 2013 at 8:24 pm

I liked that interview, great insights. Is he the guy that held a gun to a young Tysons head after he ‘touched’ his niece or something?


Fran April 2, 2013 at 7:29 pm

Hey Brent. Yep, he’s an incredibly bright boxing man is Mr Atlas. That incident led to Teddy Atlas and Cus D’Amato parting ways. It was also probably the last opportunity for Mike to be given boundaries, the lack of which no doubt played a big part in the later events in his life.


Karl-Heinz September 23, 2011 at 5:33 pm

Hi Fran,

I recently read Teddy’s book “Atlas: From The Streets To The Ring” and I thought it was excellent. I recommend it to everyone. It’s obvious from his writing and commentary, both here in this video and on Friday Night Fights, that he’s greatly interested in the mental aspect of the fight game. There were some great chapters when he wrote about the battle between his champion Michael Moorer and contender George Foreman.



Fran September 23, 2011 at 7:58 pm

Looks like I got something to order from Amazon. Really appreciate the heads up Karl. Have a great weekend.


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