Boxing Clubs Making a Difference

by Fran on May 30, 2012

Boxing as a pastime for young people is on the whole a very accessible sport.  In most major cities there are a good selection of boxing clubs and gyms, all of which are very affordable.  Put it this way, you’ll never find a boxing coach taking £25 per hour to coach a kid!  In fact, the vast majority of amateur boxing coaches work on a voluntary basis.

I know that many coaches visit and I certainly hope that they know that they make a big difference in their community.  Young people walking into their local boxing club, and being coached in this sport of ours, can really change their lives for the better.  Which brings me onto the wonderful Pan Am boxing club.

The Pan Am is in Winnipeg, Canada and is run by Harry Black, a true boxing man, supported by a very able team.  I’ve posted about Pan Am before when covering the topic of a boxing diet and nutrition, but this is something a little different.  Long time friend of the site, Karl, sent me this video link.  It’s basically the Pan Am taking their contribution to the community to the next level:

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littlehen July 28, 2012 at 7:01 pm

I thought I would share a feel good factor video clip of an Irish television show that a secret millionaire donates an Amateur Boxing Club.
(fast forward to 34.00 minutes)
I’m one of the certified IABA volunteer coaches of the OHanlon Park Boxing Club, which I’m very proud to be apart of.
The good news keeps coming because the secret millionaire returned to continue supporting our club (
Keep watching because “Good Things Come in Threes”.


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