Learn How to Box – ‘Feel’ It

by Fran on June 8, 2010

When Learning to Box, ‘Feel’ What’s Right!

I was working with a group of young boxers the other night, all fairly inexperienced and looking to learn how to box.  In the UK at the moment we are technically ‘off season’ (May through September.)  This means that it’s the ideal time to go back to basics and review all of the core skills of our style (as there’s no immediate pressure to work on fitness to be prepared for that next fight!)  I was working on the boxing stance and moving in and out.  It was all very simple, we worked along a straight line looking to ensure the basic mechanics were nailed, all carried out at a slow almost robotic speed to ensure muscle memory was reinforced

During the move in and out, one particular boxer was moving forward.  The first 3 instances of the move were completed successfully (pushing off the back foot, front foot gliding), but on the 4th attempt he ‘stepped and dragged’.  Now, my job as coach is to point this out.  However, he KNEW that he had completed the 4th instance incorrectly.  He smiled, shook his head, and fixed it on the 5th instance.  I had no need to say anything, because he could ‘feel’ that something was wrong!

The point of this post?  When you want to learn how to box, make sure that you ‘feel’ the correct way to complete a skill after understanding the core mechanics, even the most basic of skills.  Don’t ignore the feeling that you are doing it wrong, accept it, embrace it and get it right next time!



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