Boxing Training for Fitness – Week 4

by Fran on October 19, 2010

Before we get started, my usual warning. If you are intending to undertake a fitness program (any fitness program including boxing training), it is vitally important that you visit a Doctor/Physician and get a full check.  I have been around boxing for over 30 years and as such am in the position to undertake such activities from a higher level of effort.  If I were coaching someone totally new to fitness, then we would start at a much more steady and sedate level than this!  Go to a Doctor, get checked out and then think about undertaking any fitness regime once you have all the facts.  This post describes what I am doing, I am not specifying what you should do!  OK, that’s the formal bit over.

If you have not have not checked out my first post of this series, click on this link to look at Boxing Training for Fitness to go back to the very start and get the background.  Alternatively, check out Boxing Training for Fitness – Week 3 to catch up with last week’s entry.

Boxing Training for Fitness – Week 4 Not In The Gym!

Very, very disappointing week!  I have been unable to undertake any boxing training this week due to a cough/cold (man flu to the female followers of the site!)  It’s the change of season as we amble into Autumn here in the UK.  There has been a noticeable drop in the air temperature and I’m not alone in coming down with the snuffles!  The worst thing I could do would be to carry on regardless and go hammering through gym routines or roadwork.  The fact that I have a cold means that my immune system is not operating at top level.  By ‘imagining’ that I’m 100% and hitting the gym hard there is a real possibility that I’m likely to promote the on-set a more serious condition (chest infection, pleurisy, pneumonia…you get the point!)

If you are unwell, take a rest.  Obviously a competing athlete has a more complex decision to make, but in an ideal world you take the rest!

It’s Tuesday today and I’m feeling much better with my chest having cleared up well.  I’m aiming to go out and do a 5K run tomorrow to try and make up for the missing week (although it’s unlikely that missing a week will have a massively negative impact.)  I’ll post next week with any progress made!



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